Day 10: Media Change

We have now reached day 10 of our investigation into the suitability of Axol hyCCNs for studying axonal biology using microfluidic culture devices. Day 9 fell on a Sunday so we have cheated slightly and changed media on Day 10 instead (not recommended). Fortunately, the cells survived over the weekend without too much distress. Prior to today, we prepared the microfluidic culture device and began the culture of human cerebral cortical neuron with the expectation that the axons would pass through the microgroove within 2 weeks of plating the cells. During this culture period we have been exchanging media every 2 days while waiting for the axons to appear!

Odoo image and text block

Brightfight image of the microfluidic culture device loaded with Axol hyCCNs (ax0026F). The axons from the cerebral cortical neurons are clearly visible now exiting trough the 450μm microgroove into the right side channel.

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Day 7: Investigating axonal biology using cerebral cortical neurons in a microfluidic culture device.