Axol Bioscience is a significant UK Partner in the Platforma initiative.

EU Partners from a wide range of locations have come together to deliver the Platforma project; HANNOVER (DE), GARBSEN (DE), BIRMINGHAM, CAMBRIDGE, EDINBURGH (UK), GEMBLOUX (BE) - December 2020

The consortium has received a prestigious project worth 2.0 million euros from the European Commission as part of the EIC Pathfinder program “EIC Transition to Innovation” and European partners.

PLATFORMA, the name of the European consortium, wants to develop and manufacture novel 3D cell platforms for the screening of cosmetics, pollutants and new therapeutics. This means that examinations can be simulated directly on human tissue in order to make animal experiments in these areas superfluous in the future.

In the UK region, Axol Bioscience plays a significant role in utilizing their expert knowledge in both IPSC cell types for the Peripheral nervous system cell types, i.e. Sensory neurons and Motor neurons and Multi-Electrode array, to deliver biologically relevant 3D cell models.

Click here for more information on the Platforma project

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