Our team has spent the first few months of 2018 working hard to introduce an exciting new range of products to the Axol catalog . As well as the Primary and iPS derived human cells Axol is known for; we can now offer researchers the convenience of sourcing antibodies , kits and other reagents in one place.

Our expertise is in human cells, so all of our antibodies are tested for use in the human model. Our range of kits and reagents is also specifically tailored to our existing customer base who are researchers engaged in the human cell culture field. Science never sleeps and at Axol, we are committed to enabling scientists to do their best work every day by providing only the best quality products and backing them up with world class customer support.

By aligning this improved range of high quality reagents with Axol's expertise in primary and IPS derived human cells, we take a step closer to achieving our aspiration of being the number one for human cell culture. We take science very seriously and our in-house team of experts, PhDs and technical support are all focused on getting the very best products to our customers.

We have launched the first wave of products which are now live and available to view on our website . We look forward to hearing the response from our customers through our new product review feature. We plan to offer customers even more choice as we bring more products through our pipeline later in 2018.

Axol, your discovery stems from here.

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