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3D Cell Culture

Axol provides 3D cell culture solutions

3D cell culture techniques

3D cell culture is the new frontier of cell biology research due to the need to generate better cellular models that are closely related to physiological conditions. Axol's 3D Cell Culture products can be used to easily create these in vivo-like models in which cells are allowed to grow and interact with the surrounding environment in all three dimensions, improving cellular function, differentiation and vitality, compared to traditional 2D cell culture experiments.


3D matrix and solution

Axol’s 3D Matrix and Solution allow to create 3D cell culture model where cells can grow in several layers at the interface layer which minimize contact inhibition with any artificial biomaterials. The Matrix provide a uniform distribution of growth factors throughout the cell culture system support the in vitro propagation and maintenance of various human cell types.

Cat. No. Product Name Size
ax134445 3D Cell Culture Matrix 1x1 mL
ax134446 3D Cell Culture Matrix 5x1 mL
ax134447 3D Cell Culture Solution 25 mL
ax134448 3D Cell Culture Solution 100 mL
ax134449 3D Matrix Accelerator 50 μL
ax1344412 3D Matrix Accelerator 250 μL
ax1344411 3D Cell Culture Supplement-XF 500 μL
ax1344415 3D Matrix Kit Kit
ax1344416 3D Matrix Kit Kit
ax1344413 3D Solution Kit Kit
ax1344414 3D Solution Kit Kit
ax134443 3D Cell Culture Kit Multi Use Kit
ax134443 3D Cell Culture Kit Single Use Kit

3D hydrogel

Axol's biocompatible, xeno-free, ready to use Hydrogel mimics the extracellular matrix, supporting cell growth and differentiation with consistent results. Tested applications range from: 3D cell culture and organ-on-a-chip models, through to drug release studies and 3D printing.

Cat. No. Product Name Size
ax494341 Cell Recovery Enzyme 2.5 mL
ax494319 Hydrogel 5 ml
ax494319 Hydrogel 10 ml