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Human Primary Cells & Media

Hepatocyte Progenitors

Highly characterized and validated hepatocyte progenitors that are qualified for CYP induction, metabolism and genotoxicity studies


Dermal fibroblasts from healthy donors and patient donors. Normal human fibroblasts from healthy tissues such as lung, mammary, bladder & uterus 

Hematopoietic Cells

PBMCs, bone marrow mononuclear cells and hematopoietic cell subtypes from healthy and patient donors

Epithelial Cells

A variety of epithelial cell types from different tissues including: lung, mammary, kidney, bladder, prostate, cornea & esophagus

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

MSCs derived from bone marrow, umbilical cord & adipose tissue from healthy donors. Bone marrow-derived MSCs from patient donors.

Muscle Cells 

Skeletal muscle cells from healthy donors and muscular dystrophy patients. Smooth muscle cells from different tissues from healthy donors