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Training Programs

Whether you are new to cell culture, or need a refresher course, our scientists can provide training so you can feel confident using Axol's human cells and reagents in your research. We provide hands-on, practical training in our cell culture facilities.

Culture iPSC-derived human cells

Gain experience culturing Axol cells following a standarized technical process  as well as tailored suggestions to help you meet your specific research objectives.

Hands On Training

Training program attendees receive interactive , in-laboratory training at our facility located in Cambridge, UK. We are able to provide individual attention to course participants allowing for a customized service to fit individual needs.

Learn From Our Product Specialists

Training is provided by our in house experts who know all the tips and tricks to help you with setting up healthy and happy cultures.

" Thank you very much for organizing our visit! It was very helpful and it will help us with using the cells down the road. Thanks for sending the pictures of the cells we cultured, it is good to see what they look like and have an idea of their growth. "

Seok Voon Lee, Stanford School of Medicine

Available Axol Training Programs include:

How to culture and differentiate Axol's iPSC-derived human neural progenitor cells

How to thaw and culture Axol's iPSC-derived human cerebral cortical neurons

How to thaw and culture Axol's iPSC-derived ventricular cardiomyocytes