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Axol’s goal is to create a platform for scientists to commercialize their stem cell technologies, disease models, cell-based assays and cell culture reagents. We can maximize the impact of your research by making it easier for other researchers to find your invention and apply it to their R&D.

Let us know about the uniqueness, advantages and selling points of your technology. We can help you to evaluate its market potential, design SOPs for production and develop channels to market.

The process

  • Initial conversation – The innovator gives an overview about the technology and the problems it can solve; Axol provides an overview of the commercialization process; Both parties gain understanding of each other’s expectations on licensing, production and sales terms.

  • Disclosure – The innovator and Axol put a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place; the innovator provides data for preliminary technical evaluation.

  • Evaluation – Axol evaluates the competition, analyzes the customer segments, assesses the possibility of large scale production; The innovator and Axol put a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) in place; Axol distributes samples to potential customers for technical evaluation.

  • LicensingThe innovator and Axol discuss and finalize licensing terms and sign a licensing agreement.

  • Production – Axol designs production SOPs with the innovator; Axol arrange production and quality control.

  • Marketing – Axol launches the product on Axol’s website, and promotes the product via digital marketing, conference exhibitions and customer visits.

  • Sales - The innovator will receive royalty payments on sales of the product.

     Disclosure, evaluation and licensing procedures may involve your Institute's technology transfer office.


Promote your invention at international conferences

Axol presents at major international conferences, such as SLAS, SfN, ELRIG, SOT and ISSCR. We not only showcase products at our booth, but also secure speaking slots for our technology providers to talk about their innovation. Our customers have also presented their findings that were generated using Axol's cells, culture media and reagents. 

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