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Cortical Neural Induction Kit

Cortical neural induction made easy!

Axol Bioscience's first products were neural stem cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and our lab scientists have perfected the cortical neural induction method. We direct pluripotent stem cell differentiation to cerebral cortical neural stem cells using a fully defined and xeno-free system of neural induction media and coating reagent. Within 16 days, the pluripotent stem cells will have differentiated to cortical neural stem cells that may form neural rosette structures. The cortical neural progenitors can then be differentiated to cerebral cortical neurons or mixed neural cell types by using one of our neural stem cell media and reagent bundles.
Axol Cortical Neural Induction Kit can be used to easily generate neural stem cells from your human pluripotent stem cell lines to accelerate your research. Take advantage of the years of R&D experience that Axol has devoted to the generation and differentiation of neural stem cells. We can provide technical expertise to guide you through the protocol and ensure you have success on the first attempt. See the data on Axol cortical neural stem cells and the wide range of applications the cells have been used for. 

Cortical neural induction kit

The Cortical Neural Induction Kit contains all of the media and reagents needed to get a pure population of cortical neural stem cells from pluripotent stem cells in 16 days. The kit volumes are sufficient for induction of two T25 flasks of pluripotent stem cells. Click on the product page for further details and to see the protocol. 

Cat. No. Product Name Kit Components
ax0001 Cortical Neural Induction Kit  Medium A (125 mL)
Medium B (125 mL)
Unlock Passaging Reagent (25 mL)

Product data

Neural rosette structures

Pure population of neural stem cells

Phase contrast and immunofluorescence images of neural stem cells, after neural induction using Axol Cortical Neural Induction Kit. Neural rosette structures can be seen, showing that the neuroepithelial cells are organising into polarized neural tube-like structures. In 16 days, iPSCs were induced to a homogeneous population of cortical neural stem cells, ready for further expansion or differentiation to neurons and glial cells. Axol neural stem cells express neural stem/progenitor cell markers such as nestin, FOXG1, SOX2 and PAX6

Expression of nestin (green) and FOXG1 (red) in Axol neural stem cells

Expression of nestin (green) and FOXG1 (red) in Axol neural stem cells.

Expression of PAX6 (green) and vimentin (red) in Axol neural stem cells

Expression of PAX6 (green) and vimentin (red) in Axol neural stem cells.