Drug Effects on Axol Cerebral Cortical Neurons

  • Axol human Cerebral Cortical neurons were co-cultured with astrocytes and their extracellular physiology properties were characterized using Alpha Med Scientific's MED64 microelectrode array platform. 

  • The results demonstrated that electrical activity of Axol human cerebral cortical neurons could be detected using the MED64 platform both before, during and after drug testing. The high-sensitivity of this method allowed the detection of signal changes due to drug effects.

  • The MED64’s high-sensitivity enables detecting even small signals and/or subtle changes of drug effects from Axol human Cerebral Cortical Neurons.

Human iPS cell-derived cerebral cortical neurons (Axol Cerebral Cortical Neurons) co-cultured with astrocytes on a MED Probe (MED-P515A, 134 days in-vitro).