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Axol Bioscience is proud to offer an extensive range of high quality, field-tested ELISA kits to help assist you with your research needs. We understand the importance of high specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and precision and the reproducibility of results these factors relate to.

Ax-ELISA kits have a wide range of functional applications. They have been validated for use in urine, feces, saliva, and numerous other matrices commonly assayed. The high sensitivity of our ELISA kits confer better quantification thresholds allowing for low endogenous levels of targets to be seen with ease. All of our kits are highly specific, minimising cross-over due to their low reactivity with other structurally-related molecules.

Three Categories. One simple choice to aid your research.

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Our most popular kits across our extensive range

Cat. No Name Format Price
​ax4001 PGE2 ELISA Kit  1x 96 well plate $432
​ax4002 TBX2 ELISA Kit  ​1x 96 well plate  $330 
​ax4003 6-Keto-PGF1α ELISA Kit 1x 96 well plate  $320 
​ax4004 PGE1 ELISA Kit 1x 96 well plate $350
​ax4005 17β-Estradiol ELISA kit
​1x 96 well plate  $260 

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