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Neural Stem Cell Expansion


With this system, users can expand Neural Stem Cell (NSC) populations using fully-defined, animal component-free reagents that remove variability and improve consistency. NSCs can be expanded up to 5 passages with no loss of capacity to self-renew or differentiate. 


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Reagents & Protocol

Reagents Xeno-free ​Description ​Protocol
- SureBond-XF (ax0041XF)
- Neural Expansion-XF Medium (ax0030-500)
Plating-XF Medium (ax0033)
-Sure GrowthX, Recombinant Human EGF (ax0047X-100ug)
-Sure Growth, Recombinant Human FGF2 (FGF basic 146) (ax0047-100ug)
- Unlock-XF (ax0044XF)
​YES  ​Expand NSCs for up to 5 passages with no loss of capacity to self-renew or differentiate. Medium requires supplementation with EGF and FGF-2 Protocol 2: Expansion of Neural Stem Cells