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How to precoat your culture vessels with ReadySet

How to prepare your culture vessels with ReadySet and SureBond

In this video, you will learn how to coat your culture vessels with Axol’s ReadySet, this pre-coating reagent is optimized for all of our Neural Culture Systems and is used for final assay formats, as it is a strong cell adhesive and aids cell survival during multiple medium changes and long culture periods. Cells cannot be dissociated from culture vessels coated with ReadySet. SureBond must be used on top of ReadySet.

Step 1: Materials you will need

The day before thawing your cells prepare your culture vessel with ReadySet and SureBond.

Step 2: Add ReadySet

ReadySet is ready to be added straight to your culture vessel, we recommend a volume of 250ul/cm2.

Step 3: : Rock the dish to distribute the ReadySet

Rock the culture dish back and forth to evenly distribute the matrix.

Step 4: Incubate for 45 minutes

Incubate the culture vessel for 45 mins at 37oC

Step 5: Remove and discard ReadySet

Step 6. Wash the wells – repeat 4 x

Wash the wells thoroughly FOUR times using an equal volume of sterile distilled H2O, rock the the culture dish back and forth to aid the washing process. Do not let the culture vessel dry out and do not wash the dish.

Step 7. Ready for SureBond

After the ReadySet pre-coat you are now ready to add the SureBond to the culture wells.

Easy right? Now you are ready to add SureBond. Watch video here.