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How to prepare your culture vessels with Surebond

How to prepare your culture vessels with SureBond

In this video, you will learn how to coat your culture vessels with Axol’s SureBond, this coating reagent is optimized for all of our Neural Culture Systems and is used during the expansion of early cultures, as it aids cell signaling and cell health during expansion. Cells can be easily dissociated from culture vessels coated with SureBond using Axol’s Unlock.

Step 1: Materials you will need

The day before thawing your cells thaw SureBond overnight at 4 degrees.

Step 2: Preparing the SureBond

Once thawed, dilute the SureBond in Dulbecco’s-PBS to a final concentration of 20ug/ml.

Step 3: Add SureBond

Add the SureBond to your culture vessel, we recommend a volume of 200 ul per cm^2.

Step 4: Rock the dish to distribute the SureBond

Rock the culture dish back and forth to evenly distribute the matrix.

Step 5: Incubate overnight

Incubate the culture vessel overnight at 37oC.

Step 6: Remove the SureBond

When you are ready to plate your cells remove the coating reagent. Do not let the culture vessel dry out and do not wash the dish.

Easy right? Now you are ready to plate your cells!