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Download free application note - "A Guide To Improving Your Research Using Human iPSC-derived Sensory Neurons"

In vitro culture of hiPSC-Derived Sensory Neurons: A viable human model to aid pain research and drug discovery

Common to neuroscientific research is the use of animal cell culture, a method that lacks physiological relevance to humans, reducing the translatability and impact of your research. Recent advances in human stem cell biology, however, enables the creation of more physiologically-relevant models.

Download our Application Note and:

  • Learn how human iPSC-derived sensory neurons can enhance the translatability and impact of your research
  • Find out more about in vitro culture of hiPSC-derived sensory neurons
  • Get useful insights into the process of using a viable human cell culture model

Do you want to learn more about human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neurons and how they can contribute into pioneering research on pain disorder to enable the discovery of new therapeutic targets that could improve many patients' lives? Then simply fill in the short form and download.

human ipsc derived sensory neurons application note

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