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Introduction to Axol Bioscience

Axol specializes in human cell culture

Axol produces high quality human cell products and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. We have a passion for great science, delivering epic support and innovating future products to help our customers advance faster in their research.

Our expertise includes reprogramming cells to iPSCs and then differentiating to various cell types. We supply differentiated cells derived from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds. As a service, we also take cells provided by customers (primary or iPSC) and then do the reprogramming (when necessary) and differentiation. Clearly, by offloading the burden of generating cells, your time is freed up to focus on the research. Axol holds the necessary licenses that are required to do iPSC work.

The package wouldn't be complete without optimized media, coating solutions and other reagents. Our in-house R&D team works hard to improve on existing media and reagents as well as innovate new products for human cell culture. We also supply a growing range of human primary cells; making Axol your first port of call for your human cell culture needs. 


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A bit about our name, Axol Bioscience, and our axolotl mascots...

Firstly, no, we don't have anything to do with axolotl research.  Axolotls, however, do have amazing regeneration capabilities and given we are in the age of stem cell research and the promise of regenerative therapy it seemed fitting for our company name to be derived from a creature with such a unique capability.  So Axol Bioscience was born, and with it, new mascots Sal and Amanda (blue and pink respectively).

One of the most frequently asked questions is 'How do I get an Axol axolotl?!'.  If you visit us at any conferences we exhibit at you can pick one up; alternatively just ask for one when you place an order with us and we'll happily send you one!