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Stem Cell Differentiation

Axol's stem cell differentiation

Cost-effective solutions

We provide cost-effective services to generate multiple cell types from your iPSCs. Our protocols are tailored for large scale production.

The majority of our culture conditions are fully defined in order to achieve both a high differentiation efficiency, and level of purity whilst retaining minimal lot-to-lot variation.

The turnaround time for directed differentiation is approximately 2 months. at least three frozen vials of iPS cells per sample will be needed. One vial will be thawed and tested for mycoplasma. We will start the differentiation process once the quarantine is completed.

Once you receive the differentiated cells from us, our dedicated specialists will provide ongoing support to help ease the adaptation of the cells into your experimental systems.

What we can do for you

Our iPSC differentiation capabilities include:

  • Directed differentiation of iPSCs to many cell types:
    • - Astrocyte progenitors
    • - Mature astrocytes
    • - Dopaminergic neuron progenitors
    • - Ventricular cardiomyocytes 
    • - Sensory neuron progenitors
    • - Cerebral cortical neural stem cells
    • - Cerebral cortical neurons
    • - Motor neuron progenitors  
  • Optional electrophysiological characterization of neurons and cardiomyocytes via multi-electrode array (MEA)
  • Characterization of all iPSC-derived cells using immunocytochemistry to confirm the epxression of lineage-specific markers
  • Rigorous quality control checks to ensure all cells are free from contaminants and have achieved optimal post-thaw viability prior to shipping
  • Ongoing technical support and a range of tailored media to ensure the optimal culture of all our iPSC-derived cells


Our workflow

Differentiation Workflow.PNG

Let us know

Do you have any questions about our cell differentiation services?

Our dedicated Services team can help you. Our iPS cell differentiation services can be tailored to meet your experimental requirements, helping you to save time and resources. Also, as a custom R&D project, we can apply our stem cell expertise to develop a differentiation protocol for generating your desired cell type.

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