iPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Progenitors

Sensory neuron progenitors

Sensory neurons permit external stimuli to be converted to action potentials to induce an appropriate response by the body. Sensory information such as pain, vision, sound, touch, stretch and smell are assimilated and may be converted to an action potential if a threshold level is exceeded. Sensory neurons form neuronal networks (together with interneurons and motor neurons) that connect the sense organ to the central nervous system to the effector organ. The neuronal networks can be simple microcircuits that mediate involuntary reflex responses or they can be organised into macrocircuits that mediate more complex brain processes. Sensory neurons may diverge into multiple branches that form synapses with several motor neurons or interneurons to induce a stronger response or to add complexity into the circuit. 
Axol has directed the differentiation of human iPSCs to sensory neuron progenitors that are provided cryopreserved. The sensory neuron progenitors can be matured to functional sensory neurons over 4-8 weeks in our tailored maintenance medium.  The differentiated sensory neurons express Nav1.7, Nav1.8 and doublecortin. Multiple experiments can be performed on sensory neurons derived from the same donor, overcoming the variability and scarcity of primary human neural cells. Choose a reliable and consistent source of human neural cells for your experiments. 

Sensory neuron products

Sensory neuron progenitors derived from healthy male donor iPSCs together with a maintenance culture medium that permits functional maturation of sensory neurons. The culture vessels should be coated with either SureBond-XF for endpoint assays on plastic or SureBond+ReadySet for endpoint assays on glass. The culture system as a whole has been developed by our lab scientists and has been validated both in-house and by external collaborators to ensure optimal maturation and maintenance of sensory neurons. 

Cat. No. Product Name Further Information Quantity Price
ax0055 Human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Progenitors The iPSC line used was derived from cord blood CD34+ cells from a healthy male donor 500,000 cells $560 (Pre-order now)
ax0060 Sensory Neuron Maintenance Medium Culture medium that permits sensory neuron maturation 250 mL $200 (Pre-order now)
ax0041+ SureBond+ReadySet Coating reagent needed for endpoint assays on glass 3 x 120 μL vials & 2 x 10 mL vials $240
ax0041XF SureBond-XF Xeno-free coating reagent needed for endpoint assays on plastic 1 mL $400

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