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application note: how to culture neural stem cells in Multi-Electrode Arrays for Studying Network Electrophysiology

In order to examine synaptic connectivity and action potential potential propagation using Axol's neural cells, we collaborated with Ole Paulsen's lab at the University of Cambridge. MEA technology was used for our assays as it provides a label-free, non-invasive operation that avoids perturbation of natural cell function. Another advantage of this technology is that multiple recording sites are recorded simultaneously, facilitating the speed of the experiments. In the experiments, the MEA-1060 system from MultiChannel Systems is used.

Spontaneous Spiking Activity Observed in Axol Cortical Neural Stem Cell-derived Neuronal Cultures

NSCs on MEA dish

600 and 35 s raster plots

Spike Rate Histogram

Spike Overlay (10 consecutive events) from the Same Channel

Long Term Display

Development of Network Activity

Network Activity Week 4

Network Activity Week 5

Network Activity Week 6: Emergence of Burst Firing. At 6 weeks, the first evidence of array wide burst firing is seen. (Burst denoted by blue lines, calculated using critical time interval algorithm).

Many thanks to Ole Paulsen and his lab members at the University of Cambridge for all of their help in generating the MEA data.