Product Catalog 2017

Axol Bioscience specialize in the supply of human cell culture systems and custom services for disease modeling and drug discovery. Our expertise includes induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, iPSC differentiation and custom cell and tissue sourcing.

We offer a variety of functionally validated human primary cells and human iPSC-derived cells from both healthy and patient donors alongside culture media and reagents that are tailored to support the optimal growth and maturation of our cells. This enables you to carry out your project in a physiologically relevant system that is not only reliable and easy to use but produces consistent results for robust replication studies.

Our team is passionate about great science, delivering superb customer service and support and innovating future products to help customers advance their research faster. At Axol, innovation, quality and customer service are key.

Download our 2017 brochure to find out more about our range of:

  • iPSC-Derived Cell Culture (Neuroscience)
  • iPSC-Derived Cell Culture (Cardiovascular)
  • Primary Cell Culture
  • Custom Services

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