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Product Feedback

Provide feedback and share data or application protocols on Axol products

Product Review

We encourage our users to review our products - give comments about our products and/or the data generated with our products. Your reviews tell us what we're doing well and how we can improve. It also allows other scientists to find out how well our products or services are likely to work for them. 

The reviews provide valuable information about how other scientists are using the cells and media, including new applications for the cells. 

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Application protocols

If you have used Axol's products in your applications, for example: 3D cell culture, patch clamp, transplantation studies, modeling a disease phenotype, and you are willing to share your experimental protocols with researchers around the world, please get in contact with us by emailing protocols@axolbio.com


Present your findings at international conferences!

Axol presents at major international conferences, such as SLAS, SfN, ELRIG, SOT and ISSCR. We regularly sponsor conference travels and secure speaking slots for our customers to talk about their research. Let us know If you have published papers or prepared posters citing our products. We could issue you a travel grant worth $1000 to facilitate you to present your poster, or cover the travel and accommodation costs if you give an oral presentation at a relevant conference.

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