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Axol sequencing services

A complete suite of services

Our Sequencing services can help you access the latest technology to sequence Human samples, with any read type and read length you need.

We can offer a variety of options to identify the best sequencing solution for you. Our sequencing service includes:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing:
    Whole genome sequencing allows for the identification of the DNA sequence of the whole organism. Whole genome sequencing is performed using the shotgun sequencing method developed during the Human Genome Project launched in 1990 and complete in early 2000s. Libraries can be constructed either with PCR amplification or using a “PCR-free” method if enough material is available. PCR-free library construction is recommended to minimise possible bias that can be introduced during PCR amplification. Sequencing of the libraries is performed using 2x150bp paired end reads on an Illumina sequencing platform. The standard coverage targeted is 30X.
  • Whole Exome Sequencing:
    For projects which do not require information from the non-coding regions of the human genome, whole exome sequencing (WES) provides a great alternative. The library can be sequenced to your specifications required for your analysis.
  • RNA Sequencing:
    RNA sequencing / RNAseq can be used to gain insight into gene expression. RNA is first converted to complementary DNA (cDNA) before sequencing, this subsequent result reveals the relative abundance of RNA within the sample.

    Axol offer a range of RNAseq services that includes:
    i. mRNA sequencing: Poly A enrichment is carried out using an oligo(dT) primer
    ii. Total RNA sequencing: First strand cDNA synthesis is carried out using random primers of which, subsequently, all the various RNAs can be generated (e.g. lncRNA, tRNA, mRNA, rRNA
    iii. Ribosomal RNA depletion: Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is removed following total RNAseq resulting in sequencing data only containing the complete transcriptome of coding and non-coding RNA species
  • Ready to Sequence Libraries:
    For researchers who need to turn constructed sequencing libraries into raw sequencing data, we offer ready to sequence libraries. Constructed libraries can be sent as FASTQ.gz analysis using any desired Illumina run configuration.
  • Amplicon Next Generation Sequencing:
    Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows a variety of samples to be analysed in parallel, eliminating the need for isolating or culturing a single sample prior to sequencing. Instead, diverse samples can be analysed in parallel to gain insight into heterogeneous starting material. Human material will undergo targeted sequencing of the 18S region, which are amplified using PCR.
  • Long Reads:
    When conducting NGS, long read lengths can be of benefit when researching highly repetitive genomes, as having a longer read length can be more of an advantage than base quality. The PacBio sequencing platforms offer read lengths of many 1,000s of bases in length using “Single Molecule, Real Time” chemistry. The platforms can get reads up to 40-60kb in length, and the Sequel offers a higher output and better value with read lengths that currently fall below 20kb.

What we can do for you

Our sequencing service includes:

  • Design:
    At Axol we can help you design your sequencing project from sample preparation to data analysis and delivery.
  • Sample Preparation:
    As a human cell specialist, we are experienced in handling cells and extracting DNA and RNA. We can carry out DNA & RNA extraction, library construction and pooling plus full QC analysis.
  • Sequencing:
    We give you access to the latest sequencing technology and the most up-to-date platforms including Illumina, PacBio and Ion Torrent, all with a fast turnaround time.
  • Data Analysis:
    Your results are stored securely and can be transferred rapidly in a way which suits your requirements.

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Our dedicated Services team can help you. Our sequencing services can be tailored to meet your experimental requirements, helping you to save time and resources. Please also dowmload our Statement of Use for further details.

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