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Axol Technical Support

Questions? Feedback? In need of a helping hand? We're listening.

At Axol we take pride in our expertise in human cell culture. This drives us to produce high quality cells and innovate new cell culture reagents to help you succeed in your research.  We have a passion for great science and as well as our mission to provide the best cell-culture related products and services, our in-house post-doc experts can walk you through every stage of your experiments.  We love seeing data and we promise to put all relevant non-confidential experimental data onto our product pages; not hidden away in secret spreadsheets.  We always listen to our customers and take on board feedback both positive and negative to help us improve our service. 

Product quality is of utmost importance to us; if you believe your Axol products to be sub-standard in any way please contact us.  We will remedy the problem; either through expert investigative support or by replacement / refund. This guarantee is valid for 3 months from the date of delivery.

So, if you encounter a problem and/or need assistance with our products, please contact our technical support team. We aim to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.