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Detection of drug-induced seizure-like activities using MEA system in cultured human iPSC-derived neurons: Report from multi-site pilot study of the HESI NeuTox Committee in collaboration with CSAHi and iNCENS

Human iPSC-derived cortical neurons (Axol) and astrocytes (Axol) were cultured on 24-wells MEA plate for extracellular recording using MED64 Presto. HESI twelve compounds (pentylenetetrazole, picrotoxin, 4- aminopyrdine, linopyridine, amoxapine, strychnine, pilocarpine, amoxicillin, chlorpromazine, enoxacin, phenytoin, and acetaminophen) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) were tested at 5 concentrations for each compound (n>10).

Application Note

ICC images of iPSC-derived striatal neurons

ICC images of iPSC-derived striatal neurons showing: DARPP32, CTIP2, CALBINDIN, GABA and MAP2 staining for ax0015 and ax0018 derived striatal neurons

Application Note

Transfection of Axol Cortical Neural Stem Cells (hNSCs)

Investigation into the suitability of lipid-based transfection reagents for use with Axol Human Neural Progenitor Cells (hNPCs).