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The use of human iPSC-derived renal proximal tubular cells in predicting nephrotoxicity

The innovation of human iPS cells has revolutionized the field of drug discovery and development, offering researchers access to a consistent and almost infinite supply of stem cells from a single donor source. Human iPSC-derived cells can offer a more physiologically relevant model to be used for screening candidate drugs. Human iPSC-derived renal proximal tubular cells are an example of a new cellular development that would be ideal for use in drug discovery to identify and predict drug induced toxicity.


Stem Cell-Derived Human Renal Cells for Compound Screening and Nephrotoxicity Prediction

The development of the first pre-validated screening platforms for accurate prediction of nephrotoxicity in humans, and the potential applications of these cells within drug discovery and toxicology with progression to future kidney-on-chip technologies for dose response prediction.