Gingival Epithelial Cell Culture Medium (500 mL bottle)

MSC Osteogenesis Medium (100 mL bottle)

MSC Chondrogenesis Medium (100 mL bottle)

​MSC Adipogenesis Medium for Bone Marrow Derived and Umbilical Cord Derived MSCs (100 mL bottle)

MSC Adipogenesis Medium for Adipose Tissue Derived and Pre-Adipocyte MSCs (100 mL bottle)

Fibroblast Cell Culture Medium (Animal Component-Free) (500 mL bottle)

Neural Plating-XF Medium has been optimized to promote maximal recovery and attachment of Neural Stem Cells after thawing and when re-plating after passaging. 

Xeno-free cell culture medium that promotes neuronal differentiation and high purity neuronal cultures while maintaining high cell viability.

Fully-defined, animal component-free cell culture basal medium optimised for the expansion of Axol's Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells.

Axol's Neural Maintenance-XF Medium is a fully defined, xeno-free cell culture medium specially formulated for optimal maintenance of neural stem cells and neural cell types. The maintenance medium supports axonal elongation, synaptic activity and reduces neuronal clumping making it suitable for long-term culture of neurons.

Bladder Epithelial Cell Culture Medium (500 mL bottle)

Corneal Epithelial Cell Culture Medium (500 mL bottle)

Keratinocyte 3D Culture Starter Kit including: Keratinocytes (500,000 cells), Keratinocyte Cell Culture Medium (500 mL), Keratinocyte 3D Culture Medium (500 mL) and Polycarbonate Membrane Inserts (48 per pack).

Keratinocyte 3D Culture Medium (500 mL bottle)

Melanocyte Differentiation Medium (250 mL bottle)

Keratinocyte Cell Culture Medium (500 mL bottle)