Axol's Superoxide Detection Kit monitors global levels of superoxide in live cells.

Axol's Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Kit is used for monitoring global levels of reactive oxygen species, but not superoxide.

Axol's Reactive Oxygen Species/Superoxide Detection kit monitors global levels of reactive oxygen species, specifically superoxide.

Axol's Reactive Oxygen/Nitrogen Species Detection kit monitors the reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in live cells

Axol's Membrane Potential Detection Kit for measures mitochondrial membrane potential using a fluorescent cationic dye.

Axol's Green/Red Nucleolar/Nucleur Detection Kit allows for simultaneous staining of the nucleolus and nucleus in live cells.

Axol's Organelle Detection Assay Kit contains a mixture of fluorescent dyes for detection of endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and nucleus.

Axol's Red Cell Cycle Kit is used to study cell cycle progression in live, permeabilized or fixed cells.

Axol's Green Chromatin Condensation Detection Kit contains a highly permeable, green emitting dye for enhanced detection of apoptosis-induced chromatin condensation.

Axol's Green Cell Cycle Kit allows the study of induction and inhibition of cell cycle progression.

Axol's Red Lysome Detection Kit is an acidic, organelle-selective dye for live cell staining of lysosomes.

Axol's Red Cytotoxitity Kit is a rapid, quantitative, HTS-compatible live cell cytotoxicity assay.

Axol's Green Detection Kit contains an acidic, organelle-selective dye suitable for live cell staining.

Axol's Green Assay Kit contains a Golgi-selective dye, capable of fluorescence co-localisation.

Axol's Red Assay Kit contains an endoplasmic reticulum selective dye suitable for live cell or fixed cell staining.

Assay containing novel endoplasmic reticulum selective dye capable of fluorescence co-localization

Assay that measures drug resistance related activity of all 3 major ABC transporter proteins

Assay that measures drug resistance related activity of all 3 major ABC transporter proteins

Preservation solution to stabilize cellular RNA in biological specimens such as tissues and cultured cells

DNA and RNA are purified separately from a same sample by individual but successive procedure using column respectively