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CD4 FITC / CD8 PE / CD3 Cy5-PE

The CD3 epitope is expressed on the epsilon chain of the CD3/T cell antigen receptor (TcR) complex. CD3 is present on 65-85% of thymocytes and has a mitogenic effect on peripheral blood T cells. CD3 indentifies human T cells expressing the 22-28,000 M.W. surface antigen. CD4 identifies human helper/inducer T cells expressing the 60,000 M. W. surface antigen (HLA class II reactive). CD4 is present in low density on monocytes. Identification of CD8 on human cytotoxic/ suppressor T cells expressing the 32 and 43,000 M.W. surface antigens. Can be used for any of the following:_x000B__x000B_Monitoring of T cells subsets in peripheral blood._x000B_Analysis of CD3 complex related to the T cell antigen receptor._x000B_Analysis of T cell subsets involved in helper/inducer functions._x000B_Characterization of subtypes of T cell leukemia's and lymphomas._x000B_Studies of AIDS/HIV virus infection._x000B_Analysis of NK subsets._x000B_Study of cell mediated cytotoxicity.

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Product Specification

Application Flow cytometry
Host Mouse
Size 100 tests
Species reactivity Human
Clone number 7E14/17D8/M2AB
Isotype IgG1/IgG1/IgG1
Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
Storage conditions +4°C