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Cortical Neural Induction Kit

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Axol Cortical Neural Induction Kit contains the media and reagents needed to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells to cerebral cortical neural stem cells in just 16 days. The induction system is fully defined and xeno-free to increase consistency and reproducibility. The kit has been developed by our scientists with expertise in neural induction and has been validated to yield a pure population of neural stem cells that can be differentiated to cortical neurons and glial cells. 

The kit media and reagent volumes are sufficient for neural induction of two T25 flasks of pluripotent stem cells. For further information, please view the protocol or contact Axol Technical Support by email or telephone. 

Product Specification

Kit components Medium A (125 mL), Medium B (125 mL) and Unlock (25 mL)
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions -80°C
Sterility Sterile
Usage notes See the protocol for detailed instructions.

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