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D-Luciferin; 1-(4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrophenyl) ethyl ester

The ATP-dependent oxidation of luciferin by luciferase produces light, and this system is employed as a reporter in plants, bacteria, and mammalian cells. This substrate for the Firefly luciferase enzyme utilizes ATP and Mg2+ as co-factors and emits a characteristic yellow-green emission in the presence of oxygen, which shifts to red light in vivo at 37°C. Because chemiluminescent techniques are virtually background-free, this reporter gene system is ideal for detecting low-level gene expression. DMNPE-caged luciferin can be used to measure intracellular functions since it readily crosses cell membranes. Once it is inside the cell, active luciferin can be released by UV light or by the action of endogenous intracellular esterases. DMNPE-caged luciferin makes it easier to follow the changes in gene expression in live cells. It can also be used in combination with DMNPE-caged ATP. CAS Number: 223920-67-0; Synonyms: AC1NWJIW; DMNPE-caged Luciferin; DTXSID20420721; FT-0625528 Molecular Formula: C21H19N3O7S2; Molecular Weight: 489.517 g/mol InChI Key: KQVRVPOUBLPROI-RMGLFMTASA-N

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Product Specification

Chemical name D-Luciferin; 1-(4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrophenyl) ethyl ester
Molecular weight 489.517
Molecular formula C21H19N3O7S2
Physical description Light yellow powder
Solubility Soluble in DMSO or DMF
Size 10 mg
Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
Storage conditions -20°C
Stability Store desiccated, protect from light