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E1A (adenovirus early region 1)

The immunogen for the anti- 2 E1A was full length recombinant adenovirus 2 E1A protein. The early region (E1) of the adenovirus genome, responsible for transforming activity, is localized within the left most 11% of the viral genome and consists of two transcriptional units E1A and E1B. E1A protein has both transforming and trans-activating activities. Plays a role in viral genome replication by driving entry of quiescent cells into the cell cycle. Disrupts the function of host retinoblastoma protein RB1/pRb and isoform early E1A 26 kDa protein stabilizes TP53, which are key regulators of the cell cycle. Induces the disassembly of the E2F1 transcription factors from RB1 by direct competition for the same binding site on RB1, with subsequent transcriptional activation of E2F1-regulated S-phase genes. Inactivation of the ability of RB1 to arrest the cell cycle is critical for cellular transformation, uncontrolled cellular growth and proliferation induced by viral infection. Stimulation of progression from G1 to S phase allows the virus to efficiently use the cellular DNA replicating machinery to achieve viral genome replication. Interaction with RBX1 and CUL1 inhibits ubiquitination of the proteins targeted by SCF(FBW7) ubiquitin ligase complex, and may be linked to unregulated host cell proliferation. The tumorigenesis-restraining activity of E1A may be related to the disruption of the host CtBP-CtIP complex through the CtBP binding motif

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Product Specification

Application Immunoprecipitation|Immunofluorescense
Host Mouse
Size 100 µg
Species reactivity Human
Clone number M73
Isotype IgG2a
Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
Storage conditions -20°C