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Flecainide acetate

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sodium channel blocker CAS#: 54143-56-5 Citations: 1) Rouet and Ducouret (1994), Use- and concentration-dependent effects of flecainide in guinea pig right ventricular muscle; J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol., 24 177 2) Singh et al. (1984), The electrophysiology and pharmacology of verapamil, flecainide, and amiodarone: correlations with clinical effects and antiarrhythmic actions; Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 432 210 3) Banitt et al. (1977), Anti-arrhythmics. 2. Synthesis and antiarrhythmic activity of N-(piperidylalkyl)trifluoroethoxybenzamides; J. Med. Chem., 20 821 4) Melgari et al. (2015), Molecular basis of hERG potassium channel blockade by the class Ic antiarrhythmic flecainide; J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol., 86 42

Product Code: ax132639 (10 mg)

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Product Specification

Function / pharmacology Open Na+ channel blocker that inhibits fast Na+ current in cardiac muscle in a use- and concentration-dependent manner.1 Orally-active class Ic antiarrhythmic agent.2,3 Inhibits hERG potassium channels at clinically relevant concentrations.4
Chemical name N-(2-Piperidylmethyl)-2,5-bis-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)benzamide acetate
Molecular weight 474.39
Molecular formula C17H20F6N3O3  C2H4O2
Physical description White solid
Solubility DMSO (45 mg/ml) Water (10 mg/ml)
Size 10 mg
Stability Stable for 1 year as supplied. Solutions in DMSO or distilled water may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 month.