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HRP anti-α-Synuclein, 103-108

α-Synuclein is expressed principally in the nervous system, but it is also produced in other tissues, including  the skin. In the brain, the protein is primarily neuronal, but it is also present in glia. Neuronal α-synuclein is concentrated in presynaptic nerve terminals, interacts with plasma membrane phospholipids, and is also present in nuclei and mitochondria. At least three isoforms of synuclein are produced through alternative splicing. The most common isoform is a 140 amino acid-long transcript. Other isoforms are a-synuclein-126, lacking residues 41-54; and α-synuclein-112, which lacks residues 103-130. α-Synuclein’s physiological role is poorly understood, but the protein has been implicated in regulating dopamine release and transport, synaptic vesicle clustering, and functioning as a SNARE-complex chaperone. α-Synuclein fibrils are major component of the intracellular Lewy bodies that are associated with Parkinson's disease, Lewy body dementia, and multiple system atrophy.

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Higly Spesific Primary Antibodies

Product Specification

Application WB, IHC-P
Host Mouse
Specificity α-Synuclein, 103-108
Size 100 μg
Species reactivity Human
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone number 4B12/Synuclein
Isotype Mouse IgG1
Shipping conditions Blue ice
Storage conditions -20°C
Formulation This antibody is provided in 50% glycerol in aqueous buffered solution with preservatives.