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Human Hepatic Organoids

Human Hepatic Organoids for 3D cell culture.

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Axol's Human Hepatic Organoids are adult liver stem cells cultured within an extracellular matrix self-assemble to form 3D organoids and when exposed to appropriate culture conditions, differentiate into functional hepatocytes. These organoids are available cryopreserved, ready for revival into 3D cell culture conditions. Content provided is suitable for re-embedding into 3 wells of a 24 well plate. These features make the organoids a novel tool for use in _in vitro_ hepatotoxicity analysis. Organoids display ductal marker SOX9 and hepatocyte marker HNFα and show increased expression of functional hepatocyte markers ALB and CYP3A4 following differentiation.

Derived from stem cells, the organoids are self-renewing and proliferative, allowing further expansion to meet the needs of your study. Their physiological responses are retained from their tissue of origin which provides relative toxicological data. Applicable in multiple bioscience applications these organoids are a valuable alternative to hepatic cell lines and primary hepatocytes.

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Donor age 61
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Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen

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