Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cell Kit


Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cell Kit includes:
1 vial of Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells (1.5 million cells/vial) from a Healthy Donor (ax0015/ax0016/ax0018/ax0019) or Patient Donor (ax0111/ax0112/ax0113/ax0114/ax0115/ax0212/ax0411/ax1001), 2 bottles of Neural Plating-XF Medium (30 mL), SureBond Coating Solution (3 x 120 μL vials), SureBond-XF Coating Solution (1 mL), Neural Expansion-XF Medium (500 mL), SureGrowth Recombinant Human FGF2 (100 μg), SureGrowthX Recombinant Human EGF (100 μg), Unlock (25 mL), Neural Maintenance-XF Medium (500 mL) and Neural Differentiation-XF Medium (125 mL).

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Axol's Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cell Kit is available with the following Neural Stem Cell lines:
Healthy Donor
ax0015 - Newborn Male Donor
ax0016 - Newborn Female Donor
ax0018 - 74 Yr Male Donor
ax0019 - 64 Yr Female Donor

Patient Donor Lines:
ax0111 - Alzheimer's Disease Patient (APOE4)
ax0112 - Alzheimer's Disease Patient (PSEN1 L286V)
ax0113 - Alzheimer's Disease Patient (PSEN1 M146L)
ax0114 - Alzheimer's Disease Patient (PSEN1 A246E)
ax0115 - Alzheimer's Disease Patient (PSEN2 N141I)
ax0212 - Huntington's Disease Patient (CAG:56)
ax0411 - Epilepsy Patient
ax1001 - Trisomy X Patient

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Reprogramming method Episomal vector
Induction method Monolayer & chemically defined medium
Genetic modification None
Cell type iPSC-derived neural stem cells
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen