Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes

Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes from a healthy male donor coming soon!

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Axol Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes are a reproducible source of sebocytes, with each lot coming from the same donor (iPSC line), this ensure reproducible results in the lab. Axol Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes are a cost-effective and reproducible source of sebocytes compared to primary sources. Larger orders in excess of 50M and up to 100M cells can be fulfilled upon request. Each lot of Axol Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes is validated for purity and function. Axol Human iPSC-Derived Sebocytes have been functionally validated for their response to linoleic acid, response to testosterone induction and inhibition by finasteride treatment. 

Product Specification

Ethnicity Caucasian
Starting material Dermal fibroblast
Donor gender Male
Karyotype Normal
Reprogramming method Episomal vector
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen