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Longevity assurance genes (LAGs) represent a subgroup of the homeobox gene family. Five mammalian homologs have been reported, and the corresponding proteins have previously been investigated with respect to their key role in ceramide synthesis. However, members of the LAG family have been shown to be involved in cell growth regulation and cancer differentiation. May be involved in sphingolipid synthesis or its regulation. Interacts with ATP6V0C, ASGR1, ASGR2 and SLC22A1/OCT1. Localized to nuclear membrane a multi-pass membrane protein, may be expressed on endoplasmic reticulum membrane. Glycosylation on Asn-18 is not necessary for function. Like other LAG family members, the LASS6 protein contained a homeodomain and LAG1 domain. Lass6 displays highest homology to LASS5. The corresponding gene was localized to human chromosome 2q24.3, spanning a rather large genomic region of 318 kb. Sequences in mouse and zebrafish suggested a conservation of LASS6 in vertebrates because the protein and corresponding genomic sequences are highly conserved. LASS6 was shown to be broadly expressed in a wide range of tissues. Recent data suggested a role in cancer differentiation and early embryonic development.

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Product Specification

Application Western Blot
Host Rabbit
Size 50 µg
Species reactivity Human
Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
Storage conditions -20°C