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Mouse anti CD14

CD14 is a GPI-anchored molecule expressed by virtually all human monocytes and macrophages and – to a lesser degree - granulocytes. CD14 together with Toll-like receptor 4 and MD-2 forms the LPS-receptor complex that recognizes and signals the presence of LPS. While CD14 has no signaling structure its main role seems to be the binding of LPS. The MEM18 antibody permits the identification and enumeration of leukocytes using flow cytometry. MEM18 has been also used for functional studies since this antibody blocks the interaction of LPS with CD14 on monocytes. Results must be put within the context of other diagnostic tests as well as the clinical history of the patient by a certified professional before final interpretation. Analyses performed with this antibody should be paralleled by positive and negative controls. If unexpected results are obtained which cannot be attributed to differences in laboratory procedures, please contact us

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Product Specification

Application Direct Immunofluorescence|Indirect Immunofluorescence|Flow Cytometry
Host Mouse
Size 0.2 mg
Species reactivity Human
Clone number MEM18
Isotype IgG1
Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
Storage conditions +4°C