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Neural Stem Cell Media & Reagent Bundle - Enriched Cortical Neuron Differentiation

Neural Stem Cell Media & Reagent Bundle - Enriched Cortical Neuron Differentiation consisting of:

1 x ax0031a Neural Maintenance Medium Supplement

1 x ax0031b Neural Maintenance Basal Medium

1 x ax0674a NeurOne Supplement A

1 x ax0674b NeurOne Supplement B

1 x ax0053 SureBond-XF

Product Code: ax0105

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Cortical neurogenesis is a highly defined process in which progenitor cells generate specific cortical layers depending on the timing of cell cycle exit. Cortical neuron family is composed of a diverse neuronal population in the human central nervous system (CNS). Where these neurons form complex excitable networks that are responsible for associative and cognitive functions. 

Cortical neurons are composed of two main classes, either excitatory projection neurons (PNs) and inhibitory interneurons (INs). These are shown to have pivotal roles in many disabling neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s.  Both of these cellular types are available from Axol, for co-culture studies.

The neurOne supplement is engineered to work along side Axol's cerebral cortical neural stem cells (NSCs) to derive excitatory cortical neurons which are derived from integration-free, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) under fully defined neural induction conditions.

Within 21 days the cortical neurons display typical cortical neuron morphology and express such markers as TBR1 Beta3 Tubulin through out. The Neur0ne supplement is designed to derive pure cortical neuronal cultures, hence the cultures are also show negative expression of GFAP (Glial Marker) , KI67 (Cell proliferation), Sox 2 (Pluripotency) and Pax 6

The neurOne supplement comes conveniently frozen as a 1ml aliquot for supplement A and B which is sufficient to treat a 96 well plate for the required time.

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