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Primary Human Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells (Mix Population)

Primary Human Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells . Please enquire for the latest availability and price per cells/vial.
Mixed population of cells that line the wall of the liver sinusoids.
Product Code: ax3777-1 (500,000 cells) Categories: .

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Primary Human Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells (LSEC) are specialized endothelial cells that participate in receptor-mediated clearance of endotoxin, bacteria, and other compounds. They also regulate inflammation, leukocyte recruitment, and host immune responses to pathogens. The cells are isolated through collagenase digestion and selective cell culture media.  

Axol's LSEC are a valuable tool for the study of liver physiology and pathophysiology. 

Axol recommends pairing with our media ax3778-1 for best results.

Our LSECs typically have a post-thaw viability and plateability of >90%. 

Axol's inventory includes hundreds of donor backgrounds to suit your individual research needs. 

Full certificates of analysis are provided for each lot. Batch reservation is available on request. 

Product Specification

Size 500.000 cells/vial *Lot dependent. Please inquire for latest lot quantity and price*
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen
Usage notes Please see our protocol for detailed instructions. Culture vessels must be coated with Type I Collagen: ax3799 is recommend .