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Primary Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells

Primary Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells (PHSAEC) are a good source of a mixed cell population for use in an in vitro model for studying the function and pathophysiology of the respiratory epithelium. PHSAEC allow a researcher to perform FACS sorting of the diverse population of epithelial cells found within the cell composition. These cells also allow for a representative sample of RNA/DNA/Protein from the epithelial cell mix which is representative of individual donors.

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Primary Human Small Airway Epithelial (PHSAEC) are isolated from the fifth generation of bronchi down to small airways near 1mm in diameter. The cell composition consists of undifferentiated ciliated, non-ciliated, goblet, and basal cells. PHSAEC have been characterized and Air/Liquid Interface culture validated by immunofluorescence using protein markers for Cilia (acetylated tubulin), mucin (MUC5AC), and tight junctions (Zonula Occludens-1). The NhSAE-P0 cells are guaranteed to have minimum population doublings of at least 20 following the instructions and conditions provided by Axol. 

Different passages are available, please enquire for latest availability. Researchers wanting a representative sample of human airway epithelia should choose P0 cells over P1. Cells from a P1 or P2 stock from other manufacturers lack the diversity of the original epithelial cell mixture that comes from freshly isolated P0 cells from individual donors. 

PHSAEC can be grown with any method amenable to expansion of primary airway epithelia, so if a researcher has a particular need for different culture conditions (e.g. animal-free media), then this is an excellent choice of cell stock. These cells can be used as a source for repeated undifferentiated cell stock and are a perfect source for single-cell analysis from individual donors. 

PHSAEC are for research use only and not approved for human or animal use, nor for in vitro diagnostic testing.

Product Specification

Donor age 48
Donor disease N/A
Donor mutation N/A
Cell source Human Lung
Quantity 500,000 cells/vial
Donor gender Male
HLA serotype N/A
Karyotype Normal
Genetic modification N/A
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen