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Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1 inhibitor CAS#: 64302-87-0 Citations: 1) Lingtao et al. (2015), Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1 Signals through Antioxidant Glutathione Peroxidase 1 to Regulate Redox Homeostasis and Tumor Growth; Cancer Cell 27 257

Product Code: ax133497 (10 mg)

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Product Specification

Function / pharmacology R162 is a selective inhibitor of Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1 (Ki = 28.6 µM), a commonly upregulated enzyme in human cancers. It does not inhibit the activity of other NADPH enzymes such as 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase and fumarate hydratase. R162 treatment lead to decreased fumarate levels, lower glutathione peroxidase activity, increased ROS levels and reduced cell proliferation in H1299 and MDA-MB231 cells.
Chemical name 1-Hydroxy-2-(2-propen-1-yl)-9,10-anthracenedione
Molecular weight 264.28
Molecular formula C17H12O3
Physical description Orange solid
Solubility DMSO (10 mg/ml) Ethanol (5 mg/ml)
Size 10 mg
Stability Stable for 1 year as supplied. Solutions in DMSO or ethanol may be stored at -20°C for up to 3 months.