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Coating reagents which provide a defined surface optimised for feeder-free culture of neurons.

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SureBond+ReadySet provides a defined surface optimised for feeder-free culture of neurons. The specialised coating can be used for the following applications: long-term neuronal culture (>30 days), low density neuronal culture (10,000 cells/cm2) and for neuronal culture on glass surfaces.

SureBond+ReadySet is an optimized surface coating for neuronal culture at low density or on glass surfaces


  • Facilitates healthy low-density culture

  • Can be used for culturing neural stem cells and neurons on glass

Specifications: SureBond

Concentration: 50x

Format: Frozen Liquid

Volume: 3 x 120 μL

Sterility: Sterile

Storage: Store at -80ºC upon arrival. Once thawed store at 4 - 8ºC and use within 2 weeks.

Specifications: ReadySet

Concentration:  1x

Format: Liquid

Volume: 2 x 10 mL

Sterility: Sterile

Storage: 4 – 8ºC for up to 1 month.  

Human iPSC-Derived Neurons cultured on SureBond+ReadySet coated culture vessels. The neurons were stained for TUJ1 and DAPI

Human iPSC-Derived Neurons cultured
on SureBond+ReadySet coated culture
The neurons were stained

Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells after
7 days in culture with 
Neural Maintenance-XF Medium, using SureBond+ReadySet coating. The Neural Stem Cells can be visualized as Ki67+ cells. Neurons differentiated from the neural stem cells stain positive for TUJ1.

Product Specification

Kit components 3 vials of SureBond (120 µL/vial) and 2 vials of ReadySet (10 mL/vial)
Sterility Sterile
Usage notes SureBond is supplied as a 50x stock and should be stored at -80ºC. ReadySet is supplied as a 1x stock and should be stored at 4ºC.

Frequently Asked Questions

SureBond-XF: Xeno-free coating for endpoint assays; SureBond: coating reagent needed when passaging is required; Surebond & Readyset: coating reagent kit for endpoint assays on glass.

For best results, use Surebond + Readyset for final plating.


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