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We provide highly validated human iPSC-derived cells and primary cells from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds, together with optimized media and growth supplements. Axol aims to develop the best human cell biology research tools to advance medical research and drug discovery. Combining our passion for science with quality, innovation and customer service, we deliver robust and reliable products that our customers need to advance their research faster.

Latest News

  • Better Assays Are Key to Understanding Neurological Conditions Caused by COVID-19

    In a recent study from the University of Oxford, UK, and TriNetX, US, scientists explored the electronic health records of 236,379 COVID-19 patients and estimated that one-in-three COVID-19 survivors (34%) were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition within the first six months following infection.

  • Axol Bioscience is a Key Participant in the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research Programme

    Axol Bioscience is a significant UK Partner in the Platforma initiative.

  • Axol Bioscience and Censo Biotechnologies Announce Merger

  • Introducing Axol's Head of Global Strategic Accounts

  • Introducing Axol's Global Head of Product Management

    Kimberly recently joined Axol Bioscience on November 12th as the Global Head of Product Management.  Kimberly is a technically and scientifically astute marketing leader with 16 years of experience