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iPSC-derived sensory neurons for the study of chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain

15/06/2018 02:57:22   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd
Read our blog about the reasons human iPSC-derived sensory neurons becoming the leading model for researching chronic neuropathic pain.

Understanding the mechanisms of chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain using iPSC-derived sensory neurons

06/06/2018 07:17:35   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, sensory neurons, ips sensory neuron cells, ipsc sensory neurons, stem cells, neuropathic pain, chemotherapy
Read our blog to better understand the mechanisms by which chemotherapy causes the development of neuropathic pain using hiPSC-derived Sensory Neurons

Layers of complexity: differentiating iPSCs into derivatives of the embryonic germ layers

21/05/2018 07:33:52   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, stem cell differentiation, ipsc differentiation, ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm
Learn how differentiated iPSC-derived cells from all three germ layers can enhance your drug discovery or your understanding of a biological mechanism

Assessing the pluripotency and the differentiation potential of iPSCs

10/05/2018 05:25:16   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, ips cells pluripotency, stem cell reprogramming, alkaline phosphatase (ap) expr, ipsc maker expression, teratoma assay, ipsc line pluripotency
The different methods available to determine the pluripotency of your new iPSC cell line & fully ensure it is characterized for registration & banking

iPSC-derived male and female cardiomyocytes for cardiovascular research

26/04/2018 09:56:15   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, cardiomyocytes, cardiovascular research, male cardiomyocytes, female cardiomyocytes, human ipsc cardiomyocytes, cvc gender differences
HiPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes from male & female donors can increase the understanding of gender-based differences at cardiovascular disease

A sit-down with Steve Rees: the importance of understanding renal toxicity in drug development

19/04/2018 06:43:28   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, steve rees, renal cells, ipsc renal cells, renal cells and nephrotoxicity, renal cells toxicity studies, renal proximal tubular cells
Read what Steve Rees' says about the evolution of robust iPSC-based renal toxicity assays & their critical role in understanding nephrotoxicity.

Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes: studying cardiomyocytes in vitro

18/04/2018 10:18:27   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, cardiomyocytes, cardiomyocytes in vitro, ipsc cardiomyocytes, cardiomyocytes research, cardiomyocytes disease model
Learn about the characteristics of ipsc-cardiomyocytes as disease modeling and how they can revolutionise your research.

Interactive Stem Cell Forum

16/04/2018 05:23:03   In News  
axol bioscience ltd
Axol is meeting Metrion Biosciences for a whole day stem cell event. Don't miss the opportunity to see some excellent scientific presentations.

Astrocytes: characteristics and function in development and disease

12/04/2018 11:15:12   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, astrocytes, ipsc astrocytes, ips astrocyte cells, astrocytes disease modeling, astrocytes drug discovery
Learn about the characteristics of ipsc-astrocytes in disease modeling and drug discovery.

Reprogramming somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC): A cellular career change

12/04/2018 06:56:58   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, somatic cells reprogramming, stem cell reprogramming, how to reprogram cells
Somatic cells like human beings have so much choice available when it comes to deciding on a path. What happens if they get bored of their career?

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018

10/04/2018 05:34:43   In News  
axol bioscience ltd
Join us at ELRIG R&I 2018 to discuss our recent developments with our hiPSC-derived Microglia and how our hiPSC-derived cells can boost your research.

Using hiPSC-Derived Renal Proximal Tubular Cells in vitro assays to advance disease research and drug development

16/03/2018 06:20:55   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd
Learn how hiPSC-derived Renal PTCs can enhance drug development giving a solution to kidney health related issues.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: recapitulating disease to facilitate drug discovery

14/03/2018 07:24:46   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, ipscs, induced pluripotent stem cells, human ips cells, drug development research
Download our white paper and learn how iPSC-derived cells can enhance your drug development research by offering a physiologically relevant model.

Using human iPSC-derived cortical neurons for the early prediction of neurotoxicity

05/03/2018 10:44:19   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, hipsc cortical neurons, ipsc cortical neurons, ips cortical neuron cells, neurotoxicity, neurotoxicity research
The current state of neurotoxicity research and why hiPSC-derived cortical neurons offer a more translationally viable neurotoxicity model.

Society of Toxicology (SOT) 2018

28/02/2018 06:42:25   In News  
axol bioscience ltd
We are attending SOT 2018 in Texas, 11-15 March 2018. We will be available throughout the conference at booth 760 as well as our workshop! Join us!

The rise of hiPSC-Derived Motor Neurons as a physiologically relevant model for drug discovery

27/02/2018 05:48:48   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, motor neurons, mnd/als research, ipsc motor neurons, drug discovery, motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Learn how past MND/ALS research efforts have led to the revolutionary point of using hiPSC-derived motor neurons in order to enhance drug discovery.

Human iPSC-Derived Motor Neurons: Expert tips on best cell-culture practices to enhance your research

22/02/2018 04:38:11   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd, motor neurons, ipsc motor neurons, cell culture system, in vitro cell culture system
Learn how to culture human iPSC-derived motor neurons following our experts' tips and best practices.

Using human iPSC-Derived Renal Cells to enhance safety toxicity testing during drug development

15/02/2018 04:38:29   In Insights  
axol bioscience ltd
Nephrotoxicity testing during drug development is challenging. Find out how hiPSC-derived Renal Proximal Tubular Cells can revolutionise this process.

Catalogue Update Announcement

02/02/2018 04:24:10   In News  
axol bioscience ltd
Axol is preparing a range of top quality human antibodies which are designed to work alongside our iPSC-derived and primary cells.