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Cell Culture Media

Axol supplies a broad range of human cell culture media that are optimized for the culture of specific human cell types. 
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Interested in Xeno-Free Cell Culture?

Axol has an expanding range of fully-defined, xeno-free cell culture media that permit consistent and reliable culture of human cells. Eliminating FBS from cell culture saves time since batch testing is not required and it increases culture media uniformity. The variable, undefined components of FBS such as hormones and growth factors can influence cell behavior and responses to experimental stimuli such as changes to signaling pathways. 

Axol xeno-free human cell culture media contain only recombinant, synthetic and purified human-derived components. Serum-free culture media permit greater consistency and reproducibility of human cell culture. Find out more about our range of xeno-free human cell culture media by clicking on the link below.